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> >What I would like to see is a discussion of *why* there is not more
> teaching of programming in high school.

Especially given that 'integrating technology into the curriculum' is given
such lip service.

Most people equate technology with tool use.  They seldom equate it with
language and a set of ways to articulate ideas.  Seems to me that's where
education should especially be focused.

I think part of the problem in the past has been the misunderstanding about
tech jobs getting outsourced.  I've heard people say there's no point in
becoming a programmer, because all the jobs are going overseas.  It's really
kind of silly.

> >I've also heard the argument that most kids will never be programmers

Right.  That's an argument I keep running into.  I say, well, most kids
won't become historians either, but they still study history.

> 3) The whole "integration" trend in tech in education - 15 years ago it
> was assumed that as technology became ubiquitous we wouldn't have to
> teach it, any more than you need to know about electricity to turn on a
> light. Of course, that analogy was bogus on both ends, but schools have
> moved in that direction anyway, killing what little programming they did
> have. Only now (and only very slowly) are they realizing that their
> students are the poorer for it.

This is a great point.   It hits the nail right on the head for a lot of
frustrating discussions I've had regarding putting programming into the math

- Michel
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