[Edu-sig] ACM Urges Obama to Include CS as Core Component of Science, Math Education

kirby urner kirby.urner at gmail.com
Wed Dec 24 22:05:54 CET 2008

Very timely Michel, excellent tracking.

I worked a juicy quote into my blog that very day:


Given Portland, I'm needing to "sell Python" in connection with GIS
topics (PostGIS, ESRI... Ecotrust), i.e. the ambient culture is really
into urban studies, planning as a discipline.  This is pretty easy to
do though, i.e. Python has a niche in these realms.  Plus there's a
lot of good geometry tie-ins, which helps my curriculum gain traction.

As I was just writing to CFO yesterday:

There's this company Immersive Media that makes these interesting
recordings using 11 cameras on a post (dodecacam).  They mount these
on top of cars and drive them around cities, recording street views,
maybe you've seen one (I have).  Some months ago, a professor from the
University of Rochester, former student at Reed, made a pilgrimage
back to Portland, visited me, and took me to a meeting with the CTO of
this company.

Then I sent her a link to this blog post:
(dodecacams in action)


Another window into our Silicon Forest, one of many,


PS:  the thing with my DirecTV is this tree that shares a corner with
my satellite dish:  under the snow's weight, it has drooped to
intercept all signal, depriving me of the complete immersion
experience (we're cocooned for the snow-in)  :)

2008/12/23 michel paul <mpaul213 at gmail.com>:
> http://www.acm.org/press-room/news-releases/obama-education
> "Computing education benefits all students, not just those interested in
> pursuing computer science or information technology careers," said Bobby
> Schnabel, chair of ACM's Education Policy Committee (EPC).
> Yes we can!  Yes we can!  Yes we can!
> - Michel
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