[Edu-sig] ACM Urges Obama to Include CS as Core Component ofScience, Math Education

Edward Cherlin echerlin at gmail.com
Tue Dec 30 04:41:16 CET 2008

On Mon, Dec 29, 2008 at 3:37 PM, kirby urner <kirby.urner at gmail.com> wrote:
> Yeah, lots of pro J sentiment on this list, including by me, author of
> 'Jiving in J' (got some help with typos from Kenneth, though I think
> there're still a couple):  http://www.4dsolutions.net/ocn/cp4e.html
> There's a bit of a disconnect with the XO in that I really do think of
> it as for pre-teens, given the small keys and appearance, was thinking
> bold designs building on XO would be in the wings by now, but
> apparently that's too hard a project.

Actually, it's more that the computer companies don't believe in the
developing country market yet, and don't take its requirements

> The idea of a Richard Stallings


> type geek using the XO as his "main
> laptop" just fills me with evil glee, I'm sorry, such an absurd image.
> The idea of hitting a pre-teen with Erlang and J, whereas most adults
> I know are still stuck on Access and Excel, is just a wee bit
> ludicrous, even for the child prodigy cult people (lots of
> Smalltalkers in that camp).  Let's get a little more real, shall we?

Ken would have disagreed strongly with you. He got IBM to loan a
school a 360 to teach elementary arithmetic with.

> What laptop would you give a Peruvian or Cambodian teen, if not an XO?
>  Of course it should run Python, and of course it shouldn't ignore the
> serious advances the XO represents.

Take a look at the Encore Mobilis. Brazil is buying them. I worked for
Encore at one time. I'm asking them about putting Sugar on it.

> Kirby

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