[Edu-sig] Python Reloaded?

kirby urner kirby.urner at gmail.com
Wed Feb 27 01:55:21 CET 2008

So what's instead of reload in Python 3.x?

I did some Googling, got stuff like:

I've been enjoying the EuroPython logo contest, lots of cool entries:


Probably any books in production should take 3.x as the new standard
right? Even if we go back to 2.x in the sidebars, to help new students
understand an older code base.

Running a2 on my Ubuntu Dell, with IDLE 'n everything.

I haven't rewritten my own 4D Solutions code base yet, so it's not like
I'm in a big hurry or anything.  3.x is in alpha, not in production.

But books are different from electronic files, in terms of sheer bulk
and lag time to market.  Ending up on the culling table at Fry's too
soon is bad for business.

I anticipate fewer school books, more Safari-like services, even if you
ask for hardcopy in places -- not by government edict (though govt still
wastes too much paper IMO), more market forces, the result of
individuals trying to stay up to date (like how *do* you, without a
subscription? without RSS?).


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