[Edu-sig] IDLE fonts

kirby urner kirby.urner at gmail.com
Sat Jul 12 01:59:12 CEST 2008

When I first start a Python class, e.g. for Saturday Academy, we go to
the configure IDLE screen.  I often do this while projecting, as I'm
also blowing up the projected font to something more pedagogically
large (suitable for reading from the back row).

Understandably, once students see they're free to choose a different
font, many of them do so.  I tend to make noises about how some are
more readable than others, am definitely a proponent of fixed width,
although I'm willing to bow to personal preferences.

When I move around from one computer to another, helping students with
bugs, I'm often confronted with an assortment of different typefaces.

I'm thinking next time to go in the other direction and encourage
experimenting with some truly different looking fonts -- but not so
different that the code becomes unreadable (not ding bats).

I think we're all somewhat attuned to the psychological attributes of
different fonts, e.g. Comic Sans has a different "atmosphere" than New
York Times or Courier New.

Before I show off what I consider to be a fun and useful IDLE font,
suitable for future classes, I'd like to poll other subscribers as to
whether they do anything unusual in the fonts department, either for
the benefit of new students, or for themselves.

I'll follow up on Monday.


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