[Edu-sig] EuroPython 2008 - Any interest in tutorials?

David Boddie david at boddie.org.uk
Tue Mar 18 02:06:25 CET 2008

[I hope this isn't regarded as off-topic for this list - please consider it
 a sincere attempt to gather input rather than a shameless attempt at
 marketing. ;-)]

As many of you may be aware, preparations for EuroPython 2008 - the European
Python community conference - are under way. For the second year running,
the event will be held in Vilnius, Lithuania, with the main programme taking
place on Monday 7th, Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th July.

Those of us involved with the conference are looking for ways in which we
can make the event more interesting for beginners and experts alike.

One way in which we could do this, particularly for people who are learning
Python, is to allocate time for tutorials. This approach appears to be
popular at conferences like PyCon and PyCon UK, but isn't something we
normally do at EuroPython, though there are often talks are aimed at
beginners in the schedule.

What we'd like to know is:

 * Is this something that you would like to see?
 * Would you be interested in giving a tutorial?
 * Which subject would you be interested in hearing/talking about?

If you answered "yes" to either of the first two questions, please feel
free to add suggestions for tutorials, either as a participant or as a
speaker, to this page on the EuroPython Wiki:


If you're interested in participating in EuroPython this year in any way,
please come and join us on the europython mailing list


or visit this page on the EuroPython Web site:


Hope to see some of you there!

David Boddie - EuroPython 2008 participant :-)

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