[Edu-sig] introduction

Richard Enbody enbody at cse.msu.edu
Thu Mar 20 16:31:33 CET 2008


I'm a professor in Computer Science and Engineering at Michigan State 
University, and we started using Python last fall (2007) in our first 
programming course for majors (CS and CpE), i.e. a 'CS1' course. 
However, more than half the students are non-majors. The URL is 

MSU is a large, midwestern US university (40K students).  Our CS1 course 
has two lecture sections of slightly over a hundred students each with a 
scheduled ('closed') weekly lab.

I'm looking forward to interacting with you all (and I'm embarrassed 
that it took me so long to find this list).


enbody at cse.msu.edu

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