[Edu-sig] Introducing Python to Engineering Students

David MacQuigg macquigg at ece.arizona.edu
Fri Mar 21 03:09:29 CET 2008

At 01:41 AM 3/20/2008 +0100, Stef Mientki wrote:

>I started about a year ago with the Enthought edition 

This leads to a series of deprecated links, some several months old, and no clear guidance as to what a student should install.  This website is a mess!!

>under windows-XP, 4 machines some SP1, some SP2,
>used embedded in Delphi, as a direct replacement for embedded Matlab,
>everything worked like a charm.
>In fact everything worked so well,
>that about 3 months ago,
>I decided to make a pure Python (open source) LabView equivalent with it 
>(should be released in a couple of weeks).
>In the meanwhile I also tried to update Scipy,
>but Enthought switched to the eggs-philosophy,
>which seems to be a big disaster to me ( so I rolled everything back to 
>the orginal Entought suite).

I've been hearing good things about eggs, so I'm a little surprised at this.  Having a manager for Python packages seems like a good idea, but I would rather use the standard egg installer from http://peak.telecommunity.com/DevCenter/EasyInstall, not an "enstaller" hacked for installing one vendor's products.  That could lead to conflicts later, as I add eggs from different sources.

>I think if you send this message to the Scipy list,
>you get an answer of Robert Kern himself within half an hour (if he is 
>awake ;-)

What I'm looking for is not help with the current mess, but confidence that students won't have to go through the same thing.  I've now run out of time, so I'll have to try again in a few months.

-- Dave

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