[Edu-sig] ANN: Docpicture 0.2

Andre Roberge andre.roberge at gmail.com
Sat Nov 1 04:57:52 CET 2008

Hello everyone,

Docpicture 0.2 has been released.  You can download it from

Docpicture's goal is to enable embedding pictures inside Python
docstrings using some custom domain specific language (dsl).
docpicture includes a plugin architecture enabling users to extend it
by adding new dsl parsers.  Docpicture behaves as an enhanced help()
for Python.  It requires a default browser capable of displaying svg
images (e.g. Firefox 3)

This version of docpicture can display the following type of images:

1. turtles (!).  This *has* to be a selling feature for people on this list! ;-)

2. images downloaded from the web (in any format)
3. Mathematical equations  (requires matplotlib)
4. UML sequence diagrams (require a live internet connection)
5. Full matplotlib plots.

This is very much a proof-of-concept version.  Comments and
suggestions are most welcome.  Code contributions [for other types of
images] even more so. ;-)

André Roberge

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