[Edu-sig] xturtleDemo hack to mark current executing line

Jurgis Pralgauskis jurgis.pralgauskis at gmail.com
Thu Nov 27 00:08:16 CET 2008


I made a small trick,
inspired by rur-ple "Code and Learn" environment
see methods my_trace and set_line_number (left the names same as in
rur-ple cpu.py)

I don't know TkInter, so I just put *** in front of the current line
there are a few issues I don't know how to resolve:
 *  if the line is outside the textbox, it isn't seen,
    as the text is each time rewritten to textbox (there should be
some scroll to line function, I hope)
 *  I'd like to have step (inside of the loaded module)
functionallity (as in rur-ple),
    but it is still magic for me...

you can find the modified file

and I paste the essence here for archiving purposes:

   def my_trace(self, frame, event, arg):
 #same called in rur-ple cpu.py
       if event == "line":

           if self.code_src == "file" and self.module.__name__ in


               # print "my_trace: event, frame:",  event,

       return self.my_trace

   def set_line_number(self, lineno): # could be called highlight_line
       lines = map(lambda x: "    "+x, self.code.split("\n") )
       lineno = lineno - 1 # the real one :)
       lines[lineno] = "*** " + lines[lineno][4:]
       self.text.delete("1.0", "end")
       self.text.insert("1.0", "\n".join(lines) )

# in start_demo(...)

           result = self.module.main()
           sys.settrace(None)  # this should be also called in StopIt

Jurgis Pralgauskis
tel: 8-616 77613;
jabber: jurgis at akl.lt; skype: dz0rdzas;
Don't worry, be happy and make things better ;)

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