[Edu-sig] pointers to Math Forum, Chipy list

kirby urner kirby.urner at gmail.com
Wed Apr 8 06:55:16 CEST 2009

FYI, I was prolific today, some might say prolix.

Partly I'm just wanting to keep my wheelings and dealings in the open,
in the spirit of open source.

So... some lesson plans on math-teach @ Math Forum (Drexel
University), precious little Python really, more about tone, context
and perceptions (remember I'm posting for people who typically say
"What's Python?"):


Then, as I was mentioning to Vern off list, I'm keen to see user
groups as possibly sourcing free Python Briefings, open to the public,
Princeton Computer Center a model.

Though open, one might still invite specific groups, advertise
follow-up trainings.

I'm sharing this idea with Chipy (Chicago) as well as PPUG in Portland:


(also recruiting to edu-sig you'll see if you wanna read it)

Two other ideas from Pycon:

(a) expand booth area with "poster session" showing Python @ work in a
more academic format i.e. not selling a product or service so much as
educating passers by about what's up.  Sort of "lightning talks meets
science fair" in conception.  Steve Holden's idea.  Vern might be
interested in following up?

(b) Jeff Rush mentioned EduPycon possibility, which'd be like a
"subclass" of Pycon (which is sort of "root") maybe meets in a college
campus instead of hotel, more academic in flavor, focusing on
teaching, pedagogy, andragogy, resources for educators?

Just wanted to get those out there while the iron is still hot as they say.


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