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Sun Aug 2 23:02:47 CEST 2009

On Sun, Aug 2, 2009 at 10:17 AM, kirby urner<kirby.urner at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Another hot button issue in Portland these days is whether families
>> have the right to demand a PDF version of any assigned textbook,
>> versus a hardcopy edition.  We have lots of tree huggers around here,
>> worried about "green" and unsustainability.  To quote one of my
>> colleagues (from her blog):
>> "We need the text book companies to print thousands of copies of new
>> textbooks every year, not so the authors can make money, though they
>> make a little, but so the companies can make money... Do some central
>> planning, and if the government can't do that without going through
>> corporations, then it is time to [do it ourselves]".
> Hmmmm, Lindsey reports her blog taken off line by Google thought
> police (or does someone else have that power -- under the table deal
> with China, to outsource censorship?).  Truly, it had some swear
> words, I noticed them too (kept a copy, lots of us did).

Hey, I'm between meetings here, just wanted to quick amend and extend:
 had interview contact with Lindsey and I'd misinterpreted what

She decided herself it wasn't enough in line with her own policies re
hate speech, didn't accuse Google by name in her Myspace writings
about it, took it down herself.

I'd reached that conclusion on my own (asking only rhetorically if
someone else had the power), probably because paranoid.

I apologize for blowing up at Google, pent up frustration with the
search box (upper left) coming through as well.

I've worried about Chinese censors before, lets see if I can find that
old blog post (using search box...):


(I can only find that through the main Google search engine, but
typing Memo in upper left of the right blog doesn't find it, nor does
the word Blogger work, nor does "First Amendment" in quotes).


> She's got some other blogs planned.  Fair warning about Google (the
> search feature within blogs is also anemic, could be we're seeing an
> over-stretched infrastructure here, wouldn't surprise anyone).
> I didn't see anyone liking the "PDF option" option yet, except on some
> of the student organizer blogs.  I'm guessing most teachers are too
> comfortably middle class to wanna rock the boat around gratuitous tree
> killing.
> I also got some hate mail (from Florida) claiming Portland has no
> right to subvert the authority of CS departments by phasing in
> Pythonic math with no direction from them.  I pointed out we're
> working closely with MIT and various Silicon Forest companies with a
> strong CS track record, don't need to work with universities in
> Florida, or anyone kowtowing to ETS for that matter.
> Such is life in the fast lane, back to work,
> Kirby

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