[Edu-sig] some notes...((partly) OT)

Gregor Lingl gregor.lingl at aon.at
Tue Aug 25 17:30:25 CEST 2009

kirby urner schrieb:
> Been sharing some Python lore with Wittgenstein fans (obscure,
> esoteric philosopher of 1900s vintage).
Hi Kirby, again,

as someone interested in architecture (hopefully not only of Buckminster 
Fuller) following the link of my previous post you might have noticed, 
that Ludwig Wittgenstein from 1926 to 1928 was heavily involved in 
building the so called Wittgenstein house or Stonborough House (together 
with Paul Engelmann, a friendly architect), one of the most modernist 
buildings in Vienna then.See e. g.:  
http://www.spiluttini.com/nextroom.php?id=1681  Incidentally it is 
located in Vienna's third district, the one where I live. So if you 
intend to visit Vienna somewhen - which is rewarding anyway - I'll be 
glad to show it (and some other interesting places) to you.

And now to something completely different: one can find quite a few 
connections between Python and Wittgenstein, for example (don't be 


and very up-to-date


and a lot more, not to forget:


> Kirby
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