[Edu-sig] PyNomo etc.

kirby urner kirby.urner at gmail.com
Fri Aug 28 23:28:44 CEST 2009

Here's a link from MPG @ math-teach / Math Forum re a PyNomo


I'm studying the docs and seeing a student would be picking up a lot
of LaTex, skills related to publishing formally in mathematical
journals (even on-line ones).

For this reason alone it's appealing, but on top of that is the whole
idea of a "nomogram", a kind of mini-API to something more algebraic
in the background.  So this is GUI design as well.

I haven't installed the software, dunno if I'll get to, as I'm holding
time open to work with what's already on my plate.  However, if anyone
here wants an interesting chew toy, this looks worthy of some
attention, with more blogged reviews.

On another topic, I'm thinking ahead to when Vern gets submissions for
Pycon that aren't in English.  I think we'll need to stipulate for now
that some watchers need to listen in only some languages i.e. don't
send him your Ruby gems either (unless he has a separate agreement
with them I don't know about).

If anyone comes across blogs with a Python theme, e.g. the Arabic
equivalent of xkcd, I'm endeavoring to support Carl's Wiki page with
blog links.

Tag knows Arabic but is skeptical Python has any socially redeeming
qualities other than to push crappy products through ecommerce (PHP
already does that just fine).  We're meeting at Powell's later for a
first serious look at Python 3.x using IDLE, maybe with Akbar font.

Of course a lot of her Arabic speaking friends already know Python
(like at Intel and places), but the coup here is she's a Palestinian
gender studies professor, makes a way better ambassador then just one
more guy with a Ferrari and a black American Express card.


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