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> Next I will post you something on the Global Warming thread on the Wikieducator list.
> Kirby
> [1] From my journal:  http://mybizmo.blogspot.com/2009/12/portland-notes.html
> [2] http://mybizmo.blogspot.com/2009/11/think-tank-techniques.html

On second thought, I think I'll not stir the Wikieducator pot today.

My next post had to do with Freeman Dyson's visit to Portland.

He's quite conservative, like NASA, about saying we know precious
little how sunspot cycles impact global climate, wasn't jumping into
that "Maunder Minimum" debate except to say we still aren't that sure
how the sun works (relationship to Earth another set of issues).

He also wondered if global warming means the Sahara might return to
lushness, as per 6K years ago, but he wasn't pretending to know the


edu-sig has been blissfully *not* about this topic.  I only bring it
up because of our crossing paths earlier (here in cyberia on that WE
list) and because of the "Dutch engineer" meme, which relates to the
Python work I'm doing, at least tangentially.

Note how even the math-teachers are likewise obsessed (losing focus):

whereas they *should* be talking about what *I* want to talk about (grin):


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