[Edu-sig] Feedback sought on blog post: "Where do all the geek girls go?"

kirby urner kirby.urner at gmail.com
Mon Jul 27 17:11:52 CEST 2009

> So my first reply to this ended up on the EduPython Google Group,
> obscure, but with its own advantages (better profile tracking,
> something Python.org doesn't support as we don't have user login).

This one made it to edu-sig archive no problemo, however I was
nonplussed by some of the typos so did a more polished draft for the
Google group.  That's the one I twittered about just now:


On another topic, if you're in a public school that blocks YouTube
even in the library, consider contacting either ACLU and/or Amnesty
International.  It's a violation of civil rights, plus if your
school's doing it, your students are technically political prisoners
several hours a day.  This will count against the US and/or your state
in cocktail parties, when we rank 'em on "freedom", stuff like that.

I'm adamant about this because a lot of our best Python stuff is on
YouTube, Google Video, ShowMeDo, Vimeo... Blip TV.  These are the
conduits for that famous "distance education" everyone talks about
(not the only ones, but some of the most viable).  To block these in
the library is akin to book burning, certainly censorship of the worst
kind.  Your only excuse is if you're "off the grid" in terms of having
zero bandwidth.

For example, kids like to let off steam by smashing calculators with
hammers, running over them, throwing them against the wall.  They
know, intuitively, that being forced to use them instead of computers
is viciously fascist and anti-future.  If they can't access YouTube,
they won't get this vicarious thrill and it's really wasteful to have
too many kids doing it (redundant).

Here's a watering hole (oasis) for our oppressed, feel free to direct
them here if you're a math teacher:

Remember:  America eats its young.  Fight back!


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