[Edu-sig] The Crunchy Way

kirby urner kirby.urner at gmail.com
Fri Mar 27 21:44:07 CET 2009

As Andre remarked in his talk, PyWhip is still quite new, just
appeared in the last couple months.  I'm glad we're getting more of a
vision statement here from David, as that'll help any one of us
promote the site accurately.  My goal is to sustain a high degree of

Crunchy, to me, seems far more ambitious in scope.  You can evaluate
your code with a number of testers, there's the optional turtle
module, the editor goes into full page mode... it's not an IDE, as
Andre emphasized, but it's not just about writing code snippets
either.  Since it lives on your local machine, in your browser, you're
able to load and save files right there on your file tree, plus boot
up external threads (Pyglet demoed, VPython wouldn've worked just as
well no doubt).

Pywhip runs on a server, isn't about launching local processes or
accessing one's local file tree.  It doesn't go out over the web and
"eat" Python code segments in <pre></pre> tags.  It's more a
repository of challenges, submitted from various sources, to a client
looking for specific markup from external sites.

So:  apples and oranges in my book.  These initiatives are not aimed
to do the same thing.

Given the creative commons approach, I'm thinking it'd be easy to
translate any PyWhip repository into a Crunchy compatible wiki site.
Probably it'd be possible to go in the other direction just as easily.


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