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I have to admit I am mostly a lurker on this page and don't post, but 

after my wonderful experience at Pycon 09 I was emboldened to be more 

active. Great experience! 

I should think that the three primary points to make on the web page are: 

1) Where is python not being used in education. I think redirecting 

people to other universities who are using python would be most helpful. 

2) Any evidence that can be presented that Python is helpful in 

education. I can point to the paper that Enbody and I presented at Pycon 

and SIGCSE but there must be others like that. This can be used by 

others to try and get Python into their curriculum 

3) Index to resources (books, slides, problem sets, tutorials) that 

education folks would find helpful. 

The IDE's, shells, libraries should be referenced but not maintained 

here since we will not keep up with it as well. 

My (first) two cents worth. Nice to meet folks at Pycon and I hope to be 

more active in this group as a result of that nice experience. 

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