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> Question remains, how to organize so the load isn't all on Andre.

I really appreciate the concern (expressed by others as well).  :-)

Here's what I hope to achieve before Sunday.

1. I will create a temporary copy of the current edu-sig page for comparison
purpose - on the www.python.org site
2. I will write a first draft of the new page (with a link to the copy of
the old one for comparison).  I will aim to find the right balance between
having the right number of direct links to specific web sites (for example:
Guido van Robot at http://gvr.sourceforge.net) that would be of immediate
potential interest to educators, and links to pages containing collections
of links (e.g. for editors & IDEs, schools, colleges and universities
offering Python courses, etc.) and create the relevant stub page (if they do
not already exist) on wiki.python.org where everyone could add links of
3. I will make an announcement on this list whenever I make some significant
changes to the edu-sig page.

Until I do this, I might not comment on any further suggestion that you make
on this list; however, rest assured that I am reading every message and will
try to incorporate suggestions into a coherent whole.


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