[Edu-sig] Edu Summit at PyCon ?

kirby urner kirby.urner at gmail.com
Fri Nov 6 00:17:05 CET 2009

Regarding promoting an edu-track @ Pycon, what I did last year, maybe
effectively, was sign in to the Chicago Users Group (Python) and start
yakking about my issues, bragging about how Portland was light years
ahead of the midwest and yada yada.

Upshot:  uncertain.  We had a self-reported math teacher show up in
bike clothes at the exhibitionary break i.e. he wasn't pretending to
have paid a registration.  Plus I had a guy jump into my workshop
claiming to have completely lost patience with the one down the hall,
a refugee, but was he even registered then?  WTF knows.

In any case, Pycon 2009 / Chicago was pretty strong on education.  Ian
Benson was expressing urgency, hoping to make himself understood
through flyers on every chair, which got us in hot water with the
legal team a bit, no lasting damage.

The BOF also included Dr. Chuck, just finished with his Google App
Engine book, me one of the tech reviewers, so we were looking forward
to meeting.

Andre Roberge was there to deliver a great talk on Crunchy and receive
steering privileges vis-a-vis edu-sig home page, so yeah, a lot was
accomplished (lots more than I just said, sharing perspective --
education big the year before that too, some dinners).

I'm still on the Chicago list, made some new friends.

So maybe there's one for Atlanta?

I'm still uncertain about my February agenda.  A theme over hear has
been "escape from Georgia", our company having been joined by a
refugee from Savannah.  Were we to represent ourselves at Pycon, she'd
be a logical delegate.  She'd blend right in.

Thanks in part to diversity list, I'm especially interested in not
sending guys (as in XYs) from my small business, or at least not
exclusively.  If there's only to be one, it won't be me.

OSCON is another matter however, given no hotel bill or airfare.


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