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Mon Oct 19 21:07:14 CEST 2009

On Mon, Oct 19, 2009 at 11:10 AM, Aahz <aahz at pythoncraft.com> wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 19, 2009, Steve Holden wrote:
>> A little discussion is indeed in order - including when we are going to
>> start up the diversity-SIG list to run along the lines of other Python
>> SIGs.
> Starting diversity-sig has stalled because of the demands of some people
> for clearer rules about list policy.  Writing good rules takes time, lots
> of time (think about how long it took to create the diversity statement).
> If I get a sense that except for the few complainers people are overall
> happy with the operation of this list and simply want an open archive, we
> can move forward with diversity-sig.

I would like some background on what the other SIGs are like besides
edu-sig with which I am personally familiar.

I think if we already have a semi-closed, semi-private (?) moderated
list, then diversity-sig should not just be the same thing all over
again with a public archive.  Steve's suggestion that we have both
lists running in parallel makes a lot of sense.  Lets keep this
experiment alive.

This list (diversity at python.org) can stay tightly moderated and
clamped down according to some lengthy set of rules that might take a
long time to hammer out.  It'd be fun for the people here to play by
those rules and develop their own little ingrown cocktail party, where
they talk about spoons and stuff, develop their own terminology (hard
to break into if you're not an insider sometimes).

This list is very like a BOF.

diveristy-sig, running in parallel, might have no such moderation or
rule book.

What other SIGs are tightly moderated?  edu-sig never has been, since
its inception, and is a highly successful list, one of the best.

edu-sig does have a community page explaining what the list is about,
topic-wise, and does give some background reading and links (so is
similar to DiversityInPython in that way, though better organized).

I certainly don't think we need the same admin team in charge of both
lists!  The people who choose one list and not the other are maybe
precisely those people wanting to escape the perceived tyranny of the
"cocktail party" subculture.  If you want Diversity, don't insist on
uniformity at the management level.

I've posted more about using edu-sig as a role model on edu-sig itself.


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