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> Anyway, it's all way cool and math related.  GIS is all about
> polygons.  If you're a math teacher looking for applications, here
> they are.  But then a school needs strong IT to move into these areas.
>  Who on faculty wants to take this on?  This is knowledge to pass
> directly to students, not hide behind curtains.  If you use computers,
> you need to learn how to control them.  That's part of what the new
> literacy entails, per R0ml, so if the math teachers refuse, maybe the
> language teachers will take it on.

In our Beaverton school district, admin is working to give all middle
schoolers a public school email address.  These tend to be needed to
sign up for web services, such as Google's.

By high school, it's easier to assume that students have their own
email addresses, although a school default might also be provided?
Just had the one conversation at Pauling House the other week...

So here's a way to do geolocating *without* needing a Google ID number
(linked to your Google account or domain):

>>> import geopy

>>> g = geopy.geocoders.Google(resource='maps')

>>> g.geocode("3745 SE Harrison St., Portland, OR  97214")
Fetching http://maps.google.com/maps?q=3745+SE+Harrison+St.%2C+Portland%2C+OR++97214&output=kml...
(u'3745 SE Harrison St, Portland, OR 97214', (45.509005999999999,

>>> from geopy import distance

>>> _, pdx = g.geocode("Portland, Oregon")
Fetching http://maps.google.com/maps?q=Portland%2C+Oregon&output=kml...

>>> _, la = g.geocode("Los Angeles, CA")
Fetching http://maps.google.com/maps?q=Los+Angeles%2C+CA&output=kml...

>>> geopy.distance.distance(pdx, la).miles


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