[Edu-sig] Resources for Python teachers... (spanish language etc.)

kirby urner kirby.urner at gmail.com
Sun Sep 20 19:13:56 CEST 2009

For those not tracking announcements and for edu-sig archives:

Guido's Python tutorial in Spanish:


Other translations in the works...


(note the above unicode translation from Farsi should work, even
though it's butt ugly)

Carl T has been working on gathering some of this intelligence.

I helped link him up with Syrians

Here's some Arabic re Python:


Getting the edu-sig page translated into various languages may not be
a priority, not my call.

I've sent word of the Litvins text to Palestine where elite schools
might start using it, we shall see.

A goal is to not recapitulate the mistakes of USA-based computer
science curricula which tend to be ethnocentric in unfortunate ways.

Kirby Urner

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