[Edu-sig] Beautiful sample programs?

Helene Martin lognaturel at gmail.com
Mon Sep 28 23:56:08 CEST 2009


Thanks for the suggestion -- I'm familiar with that project and have
really enjoyed showing it off to the students.  It's a really great

What I'm looking for is more of a 'real-world' example.  I know
students at some point get burned out looking at and creating nifty
programs for their own sake!  Maybe moving onto the web is the right
way to go.  I want to make sure that they find Python compelling for
work just a little above the scale they are comfortable with.  Saying
Google and Yahoo program in this language is just too big for them to
really appreciate, I feel and at the same time, the programming in the
small projects we get to are really cool but not entirely compelling.
Does that make sense?



On Mon, Sep 28, 2009 at 1:12 PM, Gregor Lingl <gregor.lingl at aon.at> wrote:
> Hi Hélène,
> I'd like to point you to a suite of sample scripts
> that use Python's turtle module. You can find it here:
> http://python-turtle-demo.googlecode.com
> It contains a demo-viewer turtleDemo.py that lets you
> inspect the source code of the example scripts and execute them.
> So you get an overview about what is offered very easily and
> quickly.
> Moreover there are a couple of scripts that are designed to run
> standalone, among them a towers of hanoi animation,
> a gravitational system simulation and the trigeo.py
> script mentioned by Kirby in a previous posting.
> Regards,
> Gregor
> Helene Martin schrieb:
>> Hello,
>> As some of you know, I teach high school classes in Seattle.  Students
>> have been loving Python so far!  They've been able to dive right in
>> and get some interesting results.
>> I was wondering whether any of you had suggestions for Python programs
>> to look at, dissect, extend and emulate.  I'm looking for something
>> reasonably small like a simple music player, some kind of calculator
>> app, a collection manager or something like that.  I'd rather it be an
>> existing open source project someone started out of necessity (rather
>> than me creating something contrived for the exercise).  I've poked
>> around a bit but haven't found anything I thought would be perfect
>> either because of scale (I'd rather keep it to a handful of files),
>> complexity or just plain code ugliness.
>> Any suggestions would be appreciated.
>> Hélène Martin.
>> http://garfieldcs.com
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