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Phil Wagner philhwagner at gmail.com
Sun Feb 7 20:25:45 CET 2010

Perhaps we might begin as Horton Miles says, "to make the road by walking".
I would like to see if there would be interest in this community in
contributing ideas, exercises, labs, projects to a Computational Math
Wiki/Book. Something that a middle school/high school math teacher could use
occasionally to illustrate a concept but eventually being capable of being a
fully fledged curriculum that could encourage the 21st century mathematical
thinking that so many of us want to encourage in our students. Having seen
the incredible things that Michel, Kirby, and others have done, and wanting
to share my own stuff, I really hope a project like this might gain some

If you are interested in working on such a project, send me an email at
philhwagner at gmail.com. After the initial setup is complete we can open it up
to the larger Python community and even perhaps broaden the scope to include
Geogebra and others. The information and materials are out there but spread

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