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Just received this email from a former student earlier this week, and it
really made my day.  It's an excellent falsification of an argument I was
being given last year that Python in math classes MIGHT be OK for really
motivated math students likely to major in some STEM discipline but that it
would be tangential otherwise.  HA!  No so!  This girl was an artist, a good
student, but definitely not going to be a math major.  However, having
learned some Python in her math class was a plus for her in her college
animation course!

Since Python is a general purpose language, it opens up all kinds of other
doors, not just mathematical ones.

And let's be realistic - is she ever going to have to remember or use any of
the things we studied in FST?  I doubt it.  More than likely the most useful
thing she got from that course was how to think in Python.

- Michel

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Dear Mr Paul,

I had your FST class last year. I am going to the Pratt Institute in
Brooklyn, and guess what, my scripting for Animation course is in PYTHON!! I
thought that would be fun for you to hear, and now I have the advantage in
the class for already having some experience with it!
Anyway, I hope things are looking up for you and your innovative intentions
for upgrading my old high school.

"Computer science is the new mathematics."

-- Dr. Christos Papadimitriou
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