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> I'll return to post a link to my followup post.

So here are my two write-ups of the just completed
Programming in Python (SA:10648):


Also, the math teachers on math-teach @ Math Forum
are starting to ramp up again, on the whole idea of
pre-college computer science or digital / discrete math
or whatever we call it:

Here's a link to the thread (public archive).


You'll see me weighing in with my familiar (to some here)
views, but also expressing this new angst about IDLE.


Steve Holden, chairman of the Python Software Foundation,
has been suggesting the it may be time to retire IDLE,
removing it from the standard distro. Indeed, on Ubuntu
I'm pretty sure one needs to install it separately...

When learning programming for the first time, you can
dive into object oriented thinking right away, because
this style of thinking was modeled on ordinary human

noun.verb( ) and noun.adjective correspond to things
(nouns) having behaviors and attributes (what could
be more natural)?

I talk about some of my history lobbying for a new
discrete math course here -- how I first become aware
of the Litvins text (at a planning workshop with
Chris Brooks just about one year ago):

For those new to this list, I've been putting myself out
there as a kind of lobbyist trying to get something called
computational, digital, discrete and/or fill-in-the-blank math
that is for-credit in equal measure with any of the pre-calc
or calc track classes. I've done a lot of writing about this,
describing my network and our political tactics. I won't
go into all that again here.



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