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Hi Kirby,

kirby urner wrote:
> Then there's this software called Logger Pro by Vernier that a
> lot of physics teachers are using.  Venier is to physics teaching
> sort of what TI is to math teaching?
Yeah, and chemistry as well. Basically, they sell sensors... and the 
hardware to interface with them... and the software to read (and plot) 
the data. There may be other companies out there, but Vernier is just 
about all you hear of.

They do publish the tech info on all of their devices, but I don't know 
of any Python libraries for reading them. Should be do-able, though.

Their software used to be pretty proprietary and Windows-centric, but 
they have shown signs of opening things up a bit. They have a version of 
Logger Pro that runs on Linux available for free as part of a public beta:

And even a lite version that runs on the OLPC XO.


> Kirby

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