[Edu-sig] PyKata ready

Helene Martin lognaturel at gmail.com
Mon Mar 22 00:53:25 CET 2010

This is very cool.

Just want to make sure everyone is aware that the service formerly
known as JavaBat is now CodingBat and supports Python:

That being said, I think PyKata has several very compelling features.
It might be worth seeing if Nick Parlante would consider collaboration
of some sort?

On Fri, Mar 12, 2010 at 4:42 PM, David MacQuigg
<macquigg at ece.arizona.edu> wrote:
> In the open-source spirit of "release early", PyKata is now ready!!  The
> website development will be finished ... real soon :>)  Anyone who would
> like to contribute an exercise is now welcome.  If you contributed to the
> old PyWhip website, you might want to copy your contribution over to PyKata.
>  (Sorry we couldn't do this with Google App Engine.  Looks like they are
> rushing ahead with new features for end users, and leaving us developers
> with a few headaches - like not being able to rename a project, or even
> clone an old one to the new name!!)  That said, I am very pleased with App
> Engine.  This is the infrastructure we need when we get to thousands of
> users.
> I've uploaded a draft of a new help file - bitsNbytes.py (at
> http://pykata.appspot.com/help).  This topic is not the most important right
> now (we should be filling in the basic topics first), but I'm working with a
> class in cryptography, and we do a lot of bit-level manipulations.  What I
> would like is some comments and suggestions.  The examples in this file will
> be what we expand on with exercises and more helpful text.  Have I chosen
> the right examples?  Do I have the best way to do it in each example?
>  Unlike other areas where we often have a clear best choice,  working with
> bits and bytes in Python seems to have a bewildering collection of ways to
> do it, and not a clear winner.
> -- Dave
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