[Edu-sig] Confused how teach geometry and importance of teaching geometry in 21st century.

chris at seberino.org chris at seberino.org
Fri Mar 26 03:40:32 CET 2010

I'm teaching high school math to homeschoolers and I'm looking for how to make
geometry year meaningful.

I'm having a "crisis of confidence" because from my viewpoint, algebra was 10x
more useful for future math and science work.

The only thing I can remember that was useful from geometry was a few volume
and area formulas.  That can justify maybe a month but not a whole YEAR of


P.S. Yes yes I know that geometry is meant to teach logical reasoning.  Maybe
one can get that from chess, debate club and other activities as well if
not better?  People also say geometry is where you learn proofs.  Couldn't
proofs be just as easily emphasized in all the other math classes?


Christian Seberino, Ph.D.
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