[Edu-sig] Confused how teach geometry and importance of teaching geometry in 21st century.

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As a somewhat recent high-school graduate (2005) I must say that I don't
think that all the countless proofs we did in geometry helped my logical
reasoning that much. I think that programming helped that 100x more than
geometry did.


On Thu, Mar 25, 2010 at 4:40 PM, <chris at seberino.org> wrote:

> I'm teaching high school math to homeschoolers and I'm looking for how to
> make
> geometry year meaningful.
> I'm having a "crisis of confidence" because from my viewpoint, algebra was
> 10x
> more useful for future math and science work.
> The only thing I can remember that was useful from geometry was a few
> volume
> and area formulas.  That can justify maybe a month but not a whole YEAR of
> geometry!?!?
> cs
> P.S. Yes yes I know that geometry is meant to teach logical reasoning.
>  Maybe
> one can get that from chess, debate club and other activities as well if
> not better?  People also say geometry is where you learn proofs.  Couldn't
> proofs be just as easily emphasized in all the other math classes?
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