[Edu-sig] AP Computer Science

Zac Miller zmiller at gsc.edu
Sun Nov 7 00:24:54 CET 2010

Today I attended a meeting of the Georgia chapter of the Computer Science Teachers Association.  Most of the focus was on how to better teach the AP Computer Science exam and Java but I did learn a few things at the meeting.  Are any of the K12 educators here that are using Python also teaching AP Computer Science?

>From speaking with the people at the meeting I got the idea that the AP Computer Science test would eventually transition to Python.  Does anyone know more about this?

Also, from their descriptions of teaching the AP class it seemed like the is focus is mainly on preparing for the test...do you think that the AP course using Python would be a good thing or a bad thing for educators using Python?  I think I prefer keeping my focus on producing great Python programmers instead of on an exam.

Interested in any opinions out there.

-Zac Miller

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