[Edu-sig] Robots for Teaching Python

Zac Miller zmiller at gsc.edu
Mon Oct 25 04:55:07 CEST 2010

It seems as if the Scribbler robots are fairly popular for teaching Python.  I also have to confess that even with just one robot my students are blowing through large numbers of AA batteries.  Has anyone tried any of the more complex robots such as the SRV-1 or the robotic blimp from Surveyor?  http://www.surveyor.com/YARB.html

I also teach middle school and college students in some Geographic Information Systems (GIS) courses.  I'd love to link the programming and GIS students together eventually if I could get a python controlled blimp to take aerial photos that could be georeferenced and used for GIS problems.

-J. Zachary Miller

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