[Edu-sig] Happy New Year 2011!!!

A. Jorge Garcia calcpage at aol.com
Sun Jan 2 04:55:07 CET 2011

Right, the turtle and Tkinter are GUI apps, but the OP said they 
connect with the -Y parameter for X11 forwarding, so it should open an 
X11 window on their <<
machines - this is standard behavior for ssh. And the OP said turtle 
was not found, not that a screen couldn't be opened.

Thanx, Vern, you are exactly correct.  My students have run several GUI 
apps, for example using java, via X11 forwarding in this manner.

I tried sample python turtle code I found on the web and got an import 
error.  I was logged in directly on the server.

A. Jorge Garcia
Applied Math and CompSci

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