[Edu-sig] Anyone interested in discussing the turtle module?

Gregor Lingl gregor.lingl at aon.at
Wed Jun 1 23:37:58 CEST 2011

Hi Jeff,

I think Corey's solution is the canonical one and quite ok.

Just a few remarks concerning the your problem and the turtle module.

1. The present solution for the turtle.Screen() window was introduced by
Vern Ceder for the previous module (as far as I rembmber) and had to be
retained for upward compatibility reasons.

2. I'm also finding the inability of turtle.Screen() to take screen size 
a deficiency. So you could propose your idea to the python issue tracker
(or if  you prefer I could do this also). This will be relevant for 
Python 3.3 only
but I'm definitely interested to implement additions and amendments like 
(According to the Python 3.3 release schedule, this must be done until
June. 23rd 2012 (!). This should be no problem.)

3. There is (at least) one more way to adjust the initial screensize, 
namely by
putting an appropriate entry into a turtle.cfg file. You can customize some
more properties with this file). See  How to configure Screen and Turtles in the Python-Docs:


I used this for my book "Python für Kids" where I wanted a consistent 
appearance of the turtle window.

4. There are essentially only two classes to be used from the turtle 

So if you want to work object-based, it is possible to do this by

from turtle import Screen, Turtle

I found this to be a bit less verbose and also useful in order to avoid 
confusion of
module turtle and class Turtle. (I think to some degree this is a matter 
of taste)

5. Probably you will stumble about some other weird features of the 
module or
have some bright ideas for amendments or you will have some more questions
converning turtle.py. I'm definitely wanting to discuss these with you 
and others.
Perhaps we could arrive at a still better turtle module for Python 3.3.
(But please keep in mind the compatibility requirements for modules in the
standard library).

Best regards

Gregor Lingl

Am 31.05.2011 22:59, schrieb Jeff Elkner:
> Hi All,
> I'm working on an introductory CS book using Python with the turtle
> module, but I'm finding the inability of turtle.Screen() to take
> screen size arguments to be a real pain.  The screen size appears to
> depend on the screen size of the host environment, which means
> standardizing screen shots for the book becomes impossible.
> Any thoughts on this issue?  It would be a huge help in promoting
> Python's use in education if we could make use of such a potentially
> fine module as the turtle module, but I'm finding it very difficult to
> write curriculum materials that use it since students don't have
> control over the turtle's screen in any easy to use way.
> Thanks!
> jeff elkner
> open book project
> http://openbookproject.net
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