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Wed Jun 1 23:59:34 CEST 2011

On Wed, Jun 1, 2011 at 17:52, Gregor Lingl <gregor.lingl at aon.at> wrote:
> Am 01.06.2011 22:52, schrieb kirby urner:
>> Hey Jeff, your question about controlling the turtle's screen
>> might have been just the ticket in my attempts to control
>> chaos, namely G. Lingl's chaos.py, which demonstrates
>> sensitivity to initial conditions is a plus if you want your
>> algebra to stay on the same page as itself, per equalities
>> that won't be equal in the real world.  I'm hoping to throw
>> that into site-packages on the back end at OST, along with
>> all those baseball stats in SQL.  It's all done with turtles
>> (Gregor's thing) and is brilliant, here's a link:

Baseball stats and turtles? That's something I have been wishing for.
I think that the best way to interest children in probability and
statistics is sports, including published data and the book Money
Ball. Also Nate Silver of the New York Times Five Thirty Eight blog,
one of the best analysts of political races (though not of policy),
started out in poker and sports.

I would like to see your work, and discuss with you and various other
people creating an OER with it in the Sugar Labs Replacing Textbooks

>> http://www.4dsolutions.net/ocn/python/OST/chaos.py
> Hi Kirby,
> it's fine that you "host" a slightly amended version of chaos.py
> on your website.
> The original file is part of the demo that ships with Python and
> the turtledemo has been moved into  the Lib-directory of the
> standard distribution.
> Some of these demo-scripts suffer from (more or less minor :-) )
> quirks or deficiencies and could be amended in this or that way.
> I think that such amendments should go into Python 3.3. So if
> you or anybody else have any ideas, complaints or - as shown here -
> propositions or results, please let's discuss them, so the turtledemo
> can obtain not only a demo- but also an enhaced educational value.
> Best regards
> Gregor
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