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This is a good subject to revisit, on web based Python.  I like his interest
in Python+math, too.

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As long as Python environments are on the table...

Does anyone know if there is a web-based Python environment available? I am
working to weave together the traditional, analytical approach to math with
a computational approach. I call the approach CAAMPS (Computationally
Augmented Approach to Math and Problem Solving). The first implementation
will be for sixth grade public schools with average, high-stakes math scores
in the 2nd quartile (25th - 50th percentiles).

Getting software installed on K-12 computers can be very difficult. To avoid
that collection of problems, I would like to be able to host a development
environment on my own servers, so the students will need nothing more than a
web browser (and Internet connection). Does anyone know of any off-the-shelf
solutions? Though I'm leaning toward Python, I'm not yet committed.

By the way, I previously posted a link to a long essay, "The Four Pillars
Upon Which the Failure of Math Education Rests (and what to do about them),"
describing the state of math education and the basis for CAAMPS:


In the interest of brevity, I have boiled it down in an Executive Summary:


Comments are always appreciated.


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