[Edu-sig] Eclipse as Python3 IDE

kirby urner kirby.urner at gmail.com
Sat Mar 12 04:22:15 CET 2011

> I can understand why they did it. They haven't won me over to eclipse
> though. I just find the interface too busy for my liking (although that
> could just be the way they ahve it setup for the school). If I am doing a
> few scripts I use Vim but I recently purchased PyCharm from the Jetbrains
> folks. I am really liking it. It is fairly new, but they are responsive to
> requests and have some nice features in the IDE (lots of Django integration,
> etc.). Anyway, choice is a good thing.  :)
> --
> Robert

Thanks for the feedback Robert.

When participants in the Python course ask me about IDEs, I point
them to threads like this one.  People have varying tastes, and if you're
already a whiz at vim, why ever change?

The OST use of Eclipse is more a ruthless repurposing, forcing it into
the role of a server-side GUI for remote desktop use.

They're repurposing Mathematica the same way (with permission), by
devising a custom GUI for it (used at University of Illinois).  Professors
set up shop without requiring either student's or their host institutions
to buy a Mathematica license, though many will opt to do this on their
own anyway.

Whereas I think this Eclipse / Ellipse based approach serves a worthwhile
didactic purpose, it's not necessarily a "sales pitch" for Eclipse as the
IDE of choice for one's personal use.

PyDev is still evolving and users not needing exotic those plugins might
be spared the inconvenience.

Note:  Eclipse is also the authoring system for the OST courseware,
which is developed in XML with a licensed Oxygen plugin, and then
transformed into PDF and XHTML for the end users.


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