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Mon Mar 14 02:26:53 CET 2011

On Sat, Mar 12, 2011 at 6:36 PM, Vern Ceder <vceder at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> In chatting with Charlie Clark and others today, it came up that we
> aren't doing as much as we might to promote the successes of Python in
> education. So I agreed to pass along to this list the call for content
> for the PSF brochure. Please feel free to write up your successes with
> Python and submit them. They will be considered for inclusion in the
> brochure as mentioned in the call for submissions below.
> Cheers,
> Vern
> Call for submissions for promotional brochure
> A new PSF project aims to create professional quality promotional
> material about Python. The first goal is to create a brochure to
> showcase the many ways Python is used. It will include use cases to
> highlight the ways the language allows users to accomplish their tasks
> both in educational and in professional settings.
> Project team members Marc-André Lemburg, Jan Ulrich Hasecke, and Armin
> Stross-Radschinski created this Plone marketing brochure for the
> German Zope User Group. It is the inspiration for this new project.

When you say "this Plone marketing brochure for the German Zope
User Group" is that supposed to be a link?

I'd be curious to see what that Plone brochure looks like.

At first I wasn't clear if you meant something cyber, like Just Use It
commercials (my thread on PSF list), or if this was to be printed on
wood pulp, perhaps on glossy paper.

I see it's to at least include the latter, but that doesn't rule out the

> Community feedback and awareness is vitally important for the success
> of this initiative, mainly to gather information to be used in the
> brochure. We are especially looking for interesting projects that can
> be discussed as use-cases.

Language communities need to produce their own free and open
source commercials, with skills contributed by advertisers with
state of the art skills, a way of giving back if they've been getting,
-- and many of them have (used a LAMP stack lately?).

I'll be nudging Wieden+Kennedy for ideas (local firm).

I think companies like Holden Web and Open Bastion, Urban Airship,
Rumblefish.... Jive all contribute to their respective language communities.
Ruby has some especially cool flagships.

But that's the commercial sector.

What about NASA?  And what about universities?

Python at MIT:


(I could tell he was from Canada, he confesses -- at 28:38 he
says "I hate this language..." and says some nonsense about
always using parens in place of brackets.  Should we hassle
this guy on Diversity?  :)

I remember that little pro Python PR clip made by Jeff Elkner's
students, with that hippie dad in the basement, a girl showing
her boyfriend how this language fit her brain.

Now where was that again... ?

Much more could be done...  Why let Britney have all the fun?

> If you have any suggestions for information to include in the
> brochure, please contact Marc-André Lemburg or send an email to
> brochure AT getpython DOT info.
> UPDATE: more information about the brochure, including a newsletter,
> can be found here - http://brochure.getpython.info/

Quite a sophisticated front end to a worthy project I must say.

A Portland school like Saturday Academy or LEP High could
send along testimony and examples, proving how their
curriculum was superior.  Niche marketing.

Would they have to pay for the free advertising?  Of course not.
Or... I should read more....

Here we go:

The brochure will have 4 DIN A4 pages for ads.

Ad sponsors can buy a half page ad for EUR 2,450.00 (+ VAT if
applicable) in the first edition.

Each ad sponsor will receive a box of around 120 free copies of the
printed brochure after production.

There is room for 8 ad sponsors.

So will MIT be one of those sponsors?  They could tout OLPC,
a Python flagship as well.

On another note, Pi Day is tomorrow.  So far no takers at the
OST web site.  Looks like the Python solution might be the only
solution to pass this unit test:


Not every language even has extended precision libraries, whereas
Python has at least two that I know about.


Is there anything about Pi Day at Pycon I wonder?   How about a
sprint in an open session?  gmpy versus decimal anyone?  I should
get on twitter and follow the PSF snake...


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I've posted this before, explains Britney allusion etc.


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