[Edu-sig] Teaching GUI's in Python?

Kirby Urner kurner at oreillyschool.com
Wed Nov 9 18:55:52 CET 2011

> Exhibit, old project:  http://pygeo.sourceforge.net/

Arthur Siegel was the creator of this and he and I used to take a lot
of the bandwidth here on edu-sig hashing it out about various topics.
I still go back to that stuff.  We have a great archive, lots of
spirited discussion.

Having read other responses, I agree JavaScript deserves front and
center treatment, however I'd make a distinction between the server
and client and talk realistically of Python on the server.

You can talk about Model View Controller in a kind of "cave painting"
setting, where you don't squander hours on any one framework.

In my geometry classes, I bury the specs for polyhedrons in a
relational database (sqlite3 is good) and pull them up in VPython.

Turtle Art is fantastic and we've had many brilliant postings on that
thread.  At OST, I've been pioneering "Tractor Art", far more
primitive (ASCII-based "graphics") -- you'll see some evidence of that
work in those screen shots (my last post).


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