[Edu-sig] What do you use for making presentations of a scatterplot of data

Laura Creighton lac at openend.se
Thu Sep 15 09:31:27 CEST 2011

I'd like to make a presentation where I have a series of
(informational) points to make, each of which is associated with a
cartesian (x, y) coordinate in a scatter plot.  (It's Charles Perrow's
graph from 'Normal Accidents' that plots 'coupling (from loose to
tight)' vs 'complexity of interactions'.  In the graph 'loose' is -y,
tight is +y, while complexity increases not from 0 to some maximum
value but from -x to +x.  This gives you a separation of data into 4
quadrants, which is how Perrow wants to talk about them.  So, ideally
I would like to show an empty x and y axis, then click the button of
my mouse, have one point show up, which I talk about for a bit, and
then with successive clicks I can add more and more points to the

I would have thought that software to do this was common, but either
I am picking the wrong words to search for, or this is not the case.
Are any of you doing this already? and in that case, what do you use?


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