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On Thu, Apr 5, 2012 at 11:42 AM, Jacqueline Wilson <jwilson at paduaacademy.org
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< ... >

Heh, good rant, really liked it.  << applause >>

I've volleyed back at my "buddy" -- hope to see what you'll make of it.

That's a moderated list (iron fist of Drexel) with known-quantity
characters / veterans duking it out in contentious fashion.  Like a comic

More like me 'n Arthur used to be here on edu-sig afore we lost him.  Kinda
Punch & Judy.

Lotsa listservs like that as I'm sure you well know.  Like Indonesian
shadow puppets.

> If Python makes CS accessible to more big-picture thinkers and future
> visionaries, that's what this country needs... not cowboys who spout off
> about what a "real job" is, or is not.
Hear hear.  Raises tankard.

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