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Harvey Mudd has been number one on the list for a few years now. I think one of the reasons is they do have a smaller enrollment than the other colleges, which makes them more selective. Better influx of student makes for better output kind of thing. Not trying to minimize what they do as I am sure the quality of education is top notch.
I remind my students and parents every year that there are alot of quality schools out there people have never heard of. Probably because they don't have an athletics program.


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A short while ago, someone asked on this list if Harvey Mudd was really a College - being somewhat skeptical of the name. According to this BusinessWeek article<http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2012-04-09/college-roi-what-we-found>, Harvey Mudd College is the one with the best Return On Investment ... I wonder if it's a sign of the attitude that led to using Python instead of Java in intro classes.

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