[Edu-sig] Python Installation with PyLab?

michel paul mpaul213 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 23 21:03:02 CEST 2012

I've settled on using Visual Python, Sage, and GeoGebra. It's not yet
there, but I know a future version of GeoGebra will support Python
scripting. I'm looking forward to that.

Visual Python is very nice for creating 3d graphics, plus it has nice 2d
functional graphing. Since it IS Python, simply with a visual library
added, you can also still access things like turtle. Visual also includes
things like numpy built in.

Installing Sage on a network can be a hassle, but the online notebooks are
great. Plus you can access them with a tablet. Anyone with a browser can
use Sage, and you can use it even if you only know a little Python.

I've found this setup to be pretty versatile.

- Michel

On Thu, Aug 23, 2012 at 9:35 AM, Jeremy Bruce <profjeremybruce at me.com>wrote:

> Hi Edu,
> I'm hoping to start bringing python into my math teaching in stages over
> the next year.
> I've been trying out different installations and setups, and wondering if
> anyone could offer any guidance.
> Ideally, I'd have a setup that included numpy/scipy/matplotlib, but that
> stuff seems to be difficult to install by itself, or necessarily come along
> with a heavy duty installation of other things in the various distributions
> I've seen (SAGE, and EPD). Plus, anyone wanting to use an iPad is stuck.
> So, installing EPD is option 1, but has those limitations. Thoughts?
> Option 2 is just not using pylab-y stuff, and just going plain
> installation. Macs, PCs, and iPads could all join, and we could just use a
> simple text editor (I like Sublime Text 2), and the terminal.
> Option 3 is an idea from Fraser Speirs. Set up a Linux server on Amazon
> cloud services and have students SSH in to one installation. This also has
> the benefit of giving iPad users an option.
> Would love to hear the setups you all use, and any ideas you may have.
> Thanks!
> Prof. Bruce
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