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Nicholas H.Tollervey ntoll at ntoll.org
Thu Mar 29 18:08:58 CEST 2012

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I got hold of a RaspberryPi alpha board for last year's PyconUK and
can confirm it most certainly does run Python. The machine I got had a
recent stable Debian on the SD card.

John Pinner currently has the machine if you need more info. I blogged
about it here:


Happy to answer questions.


On 29/03/12 16:49, kirby urner wrote:
> Lots of buzz on PSF list about Python and Raspberry Pi.
> I know from independent sources that Python has attracted 
> considerable attention in the UK education community.  Also, the
> BBC Micro also came out around this time and our PSF chairman is in
> the UK to help celebrate its anniversary (50th? -- getting there).
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BBC_Micro
> In having a public charter, unlike private advertiser based 
> broadcasters such as Fox, the BBC is rather different from any USA
> channels, including PBS.  Its forays into public policy and
> initiatives, such as the Computer Literacy Project of the 1980s,
> out of which the BBC Micro was born, is not mirrored in the USA.
> Raspberry Pi doesn't currently run Python but there is some thought
> that it should.
> I haven't researched the GNU / Stallman take yet, though I know
> he's unhappy about the sell-out of Linux distros to closed source
> video drivers, which appear as proprietary blobs (already compiled
> binaries) with no source.  The Raspberry Pi uses secret code to
> drive its GPU so is not technically a purely FLOSS project (as of
> today anyway).
> Debian has a long history of working with not-free annexes so this
> will feel like home to most Debian developers.
> I'm glad the BBC has a mandate to serve the public in the UK with
> interesting and innovative gadgets.  That's the kind of R&D we like
> to see, including with closed source components (I have access to
> closed source games galore).  Even if the UK versions seem obsolete
> more quickly, because leading edge (like the XO), the follow-on 
> products have the BBC to thank for opening world markets ( = the
> human imagination) to these new concepts.
> Kirby
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