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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Created on Wed Dec 16 10:07:57 2015

@author: kurner, 4dsolutions (.net)
(copyleft MIT license, 2015)

Example:  Rich Data Structures
(for learning Python, including sqlite3)



Any errors you discover in transcribing will be mine, please
let me know and I'll correct my copy as well.

kirby.urner at gmail.com

Re:  "Rich Data Structures"

(a more obvious need now that "big data" examples are in demand,
for learning map/reduce techniques etc.).  Indeed, we have many
public raw data sets.  A goal is to have some already in Python,
as ready-to-go native data types.  As here.  This is not "big
data", just data.

Another experiment:
(same caveats about errors)


amino_acid_abbrevs = \
Phe = 'Phenyalinine',
Leu = 'Leucine',
Ser = 'Serine',
Tyr = 'Tyrosine',
Cys = 'Cysteine',
Trp = 'Tryptophan',
Pro = 'Proline',
His = 'Histidine',
Gln = 'Glutamine',
Arg = 'Arginine',
Ile = 'Isoleucine',
Met = 'Methionine',
Thr = 'Threonine',
Asn = 'Asparagine',
Lys = 'Lysine',
Val = 'Valine',
Ala = 'Alanine',
Asp = 'Aspartate',
Glu = 'Glutamate',
Cly = 'Glycine')

combos = [(a, b, c) for a in ('G','U','A','C')
for b in ('G','U','A','C')
for c in ('G','U','A','C')]

# Also see:
# https://flic.kr/p/BeVwN2
# (American Scientist Vol. 97)

mRNA = \
('G', 'G', 'G') : 'Gly',
('G', 'G', 'U') : 'Gly',
('G', 'G', 'A') : 'Gly',
('G', 'G', 'C') : 'Gly',
('G', 'U', 'G') : 'Val',
('G', 'U', 'U') : 'Val',
('G', 'U', 'A') : 'Val',
('G', 'U', 'C') : 'Val',
('G', 'A', 'G') : 'Glu',
('G', 'A', 'U') : 'Asp',
('G', 'A', 'A') : 'Glu',
('G', 'A', 'C') : 'Asp',
('G', 'C', 'G') : 'Ala',
('G', 'C', 'U') : 'Ala',
('G', 'C', 'A') : 'Ala',
('G', 'C', 'C') : 'Ala',

('U', 'G', 'G') : 'Trp',
('U', 'G', 'U') : 'Cys',
('U', 'G', 'A') : 'STOP',
('U', 'G', 'C') : 'Cys',
('U', 'U', 'G') : 'Leu',
('U', 'U', 'U') : 'Phe',
('U', 'U', 'A') : 'Leu',
('U', 'U', 'C') : 'Phe',
('U', 'A', 'G') : 'STOP',
('U', 'A', 'U') : 'Tyr',
('U', 'A', 'A') : 'STOP',
('U', 'A', 'C') : 'Tyr',
('U', 'C', 'G') : 'Ser',
('U', 'C', 'U') : 'Ser',
('U', 'C', 'A') : 'Ser',
('U', 'C', 'C') : 'Ser',

('A', 'G', 'G') : 'Arg',
('A', 'G', 'U') : 'Ser',
('A', 'G', 'A') : 'Arg',
('A', 'G', 'C') : 'Ser',
('A', 'U', 'G') : 'Met',
('A', 'U', 'U') : 'Ile',
('A', 'U', 'A') : 'Ile',
('A', 'U', 'C') : 'Ile',
('A', 'A', 'G') : 'Lys',
('A', 'A', 'U') : 'Asn',
('A', 'A', 'A') : 'Lys',
('A', 'A', 'C') : 'Asn',
('A', 'C', 'G') : 'Thr',
('A', 'C', 'U') : 'Thr',
('A', 'C', 'A') : 'Thr',
('A', 'C', 'C') : 'Thr',

('C', 'G', 'G') : 'Arg',
('C', 'G', 'U') : 'Arg',
('C', 'G', 'A') : 'Arg',
('C', 'G', 'C') : 'Arg',
('C', 'U', 'G') : 'Leu',
('C', 'U', 'U') : 'Leu',
('C', 'U', 'A') : 'Leu',
('C', 'U', 'C') : 'Leu',
('C', 'A', 'G') : 'Gln',
('C', 'A', 'U') : 'His',
('C', 'A', 'A') : 'Gln',
('C', 'A', 'C') : 'His',
('C', 'C', 'G') : 'Pro',
('C', 'C', 'U') : 'Pro',
('C', 'C', 'A') : 'Pro',
('C', 'C', 'C') : 'Pro'}

# [Ibid, www.soc-bdr.org] from Table 5. Genetic Code:
# mRNA condon -> tRNA anti-codon
# DNA column dropped (computable, replace mRNA U with T)
# last column also not included.

tRNA = \
('U','U','U'):(('A','A','A'), ('A','A','G')),
('U','C','U'):(('A','G','I'),('A','G','G'), ('A','G','A')),



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