[Edu-sig] a thirty minute interview of Kirby (courtesy of Nepris)

kirby urner kirby.urner at gmail.com
Tue Sep 27 16:12:24 EDT 2016

Also, I say web applications are a "core" application of Python, not a
"poor" one -- the Bluetooth microphone tends to cut out on those sibilants,
if that's what they're called; I'm not a linguist.

>From this morning:

Kirby Urner about 2 hours ago

I much enjoyed an opportunity to yak with students in Austin, TX on Sept
> 19, about my career in industry as a computer programmer and Python
> teacher. Thanks to Nepris for facilitating these types of meetups. You'll
> find I've posted about my Raspberry Pi focus here as well (Python and R-Pi
> overlap) however that's a vast territory, like I've barely ever played
> MineCraft (there's a toy version installed, use Python to control it). In
> other words, I'm always learning from industry as well, can't pretend to be
> some "know it all" (which I'm not!).
> https://oregonconnections.nepris.com/sessions/session/detail/47501
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