[Edu-sig] Introducing RMOTR Notebooks: Free Jupyter Lab environment for students and educators

Santiago Basulto santiago at rmotr.com
Fri Nov 9 12:23:19 EST 2018

Hello folks. We're thrilled to finally be able to show something we've been
working on lately: a free Jupyter Lab environment in the cloud, focused on
education and publishing: https://notebooks.rmotr.com

A little bit of background and motivation: we've been teaching Python and
Data Science for a long time now, and helping our students get started is
always problematic: setting up their environments involve installing
Python, Jupyter, all the libraries, and adapt their environment based on
their OS (WSL on Windows, bash on Macs, etc).

That's why we just decided to create our own environment where students
could just create a new project and start working without blockers. We've
opted for Jupyter Lab since the beginning (it's still in "beta", but works
great) which makes it a lot more intuitive. We're also helping our students
manage their data, keeping it safe and backed up constantly, to avoid
issues with Git or versioning.

We're also focusing on the "publishing side": trying to give our students
the possibility to showcase their work with minimum effort. Here's an

The service is completely free for educators and students, we want to keep
democratizing the access to Python and these amazing environments. So
you're all invited to try it out :)

All your feedback and comments are appreciated.

Santiago Basulto.-
Co-founder @ rmotr.com
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