[Email-SIG] FeedParser: Incremental Payload Reporting

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Sat Jan 15 21:58:58 CET 2005

On Sat, 2005-01-15 at 15:43, Clark C. Evans wrote:

> Hello.  First, I want to sing praises to Baxter, Wouters, and
> Warsaw; this new FeedParser is just fantastic -- the whole design.
> I'm going to steal the entire design for the next generation YAML
> parser I'm putting together.   Incremental processing, hierarchical
> iterators... you fellas rock.

1/3 thanks! :)

> I've got one suggestion.  In my application domain (medical imaging)
> the payloads are _huge_ and I'd like to incrementally add them to
> the database as they arrive.  Therefore, lines 416-422 causes me a
> bit of concern.  The parser has made a Herculean effort to be incremental, 
> and then blows it in the last mile -- couldn't the Message class be
> extended to have an "write_payload()" method instead?

Yep, and there have been some discussions about this, so check the
archives.  It's what I meant when I talked about 'external storage API'
in the list of possible sprint topics.

> I'm also confused at push() in lines 96 to 110.  How does this work
> with a binary payload?  

It doesn't, but that's not a use case the FeedParser really needs to
worry about.  Email is always line-oriented text, and binary messages
are encoded into stuff like base64 so we can cheat this way.


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