[Email-SIG] [Python-3000] Py3k Sprint Tasks (Google Docs & Spreadsheets)

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Wed Aug 22 00:12:40 CEST 2007

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On Aug 21, 2007, at 1:56 PM, gvanrossum at gmail.com wrote:

> I've shared a document with you called "Py3k Sprint Tasks":
> http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc? 
> key=pBLWM8elhFAmKbrhhh0ApQA&inv=python-3000 at python.org&t=3328567089265 
> 242420&guest
> It's not an attachment -- it's stored online at Google Docs &  
> Spreadsheets. To open this document, just click the link above.
> (resend, I'm not sure this made it out the first time)
> This spreadsheet is where I'm organizing the tasks for the Google
> Sprint starting tomorrow.
> Feel free to add. If you're coming to the sprint, feel free to claim
> ownership of a task.

I have approval to spend some official time at this sprint, though  
I'll be working from home and will be on IRC, Skype, etc.

I've been spending hours of my own time on the email package for py3k  
this week and every time I think I'm nearing success I get defeated  
again.  I think Victor Stinner came to similar conclusions.  To put  
it mildly, the email package is effed up!  But I'm determined to  
solve the worst of the problems this week.

I only have Wednesday and Thursday to work on this, with most of my  
time available on Thursday.  I'd really like to find one or two other  
folks to connect with to help work out the stickiest issues.  Please  
contact me directly or on this list to arrange a time with me.  I'm  
UTC-4 if that helps.  I'll be on #python-dev (barry) too.

Remember that the current code is in the python sandbox (under  
emailpkg/5_0-exp).  I have some uncommitted code which I'll try to  
check in tonight, though I don't know if it will make matters better  
or worse. ;)

- -Barry

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